In a challenging environment such as the desert area of our country, a renowned multinational leader in renewable energy faced the need to protect its delicate inventory from harsh weather conditions. TopTent, experts in modular solutions, took on the challenge and delivered a customized, efficient solution that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Two 2,000m² modular structures were erected to meet the company’s specific storage requirements. The location in Iquique presents unique challenges, including strong winds, complicated access, and restricted hours.

The client’s primary need was clear: a warehouse capable of safeguarding its valuable assets from the region’s extreme conditions, such as sun, dust, rain, and strong winds.

TopTent responded with the installation and setup of two large modular warehouses, tailored to the specific needs of the spaces. Two access gates for large machinery were incorporated, providing a comprehensive solution.

Challenges arose quickly. From strong winds complicating the installation to complex access and restricted hours, TopTent demonstrated its expertise by overcoming obstacles and delivering exceptional results.

Despite the challenges, the project was completed in record time from the agreement closure to the full installation of the modular warehouses.

Customer satisfaction was evident upon project completion. The quality of the modular structures received recognition, highlighting the excellent service provided throughout the entire process. The rapid and safe installation consolidated the client’s positive experience with TopTent.

The success of this project demonstrates TopTent’s ability to offer high-quality modular solutions, tailored to each client’s specific needs. Commitment, experience, and efficiency are the pillars that make TopTent the ideal partner for challenging projects in the renewable energy sector.