Our Company

Toptent was born in 2010 with the idea of innovating in proposals of modular structures for Corporate Events that require an exclusive and personalized service.

In 2012 we developed a new line of business oriented to customers with industrial needs, i.e. temporary and permanent modular structures, which are characterized by providing large spaces with high luminosity, free of interior structures and with high safety standards given its composition of reinforced aluminum, membranes with flame retardant coating, UV filter and complete impermeability.



Structures that guarantee safety and comfort to cover all types of requirements in any geographical area, optimizing the use of space within the facilities themselves.


Mechano modules provide our customers with an excellent value proposition, without compromising the quality or shelf life of the products stored inside them.


Our wide range of prestigious clients endorse the quality of our modular structures, which we install quickly with a team of trained professionals who comply with the highest safety standards.

All are installed with their respective structural calculation reports and certifications of origin.


Our demountable structures allow to cover spaces immediately for multiple industrial applications such as:

Distribution and logistics
Agricultural and wine development
Retail and wholesale
Armed forces and hospitals
Events and entertainment
Trade shows and Expo

Our team of trained professionals advises and accompanies you during the development of the project, the installation of the structures and the correct functioning of the same.