Toptent Delivers Innovative Solution for Lo Valledor Wholesale Market

Recently, we completed a flagship project at the Lo Valledor Wholesale Market in Santiago, Chile. This market, considered the largest private wholesale horticultural trading center in the country, required a quick and efficient solution to provide a protected and safe space for both suppliers and visitors.

The client’s main requirement was a modular structure that could adapt to the specific needs of Lo Valledor’s facilities. With an annual movement of 2,500,000 tons of agricultural products, it was essential to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved in the trading process.

Toptent met this challenge with a customized solution: a flexible 2,000m² structure designed to fit perfectly within the available space and meet the set deadlines. Installing this structure, which needed to be operational in just 4 days, posed a significant logistical challenge due to the limited maneuvering space for machinery and the presence of large elements in the work area.

However, thanks to the experience and professionalism of the Toptent team, the project was successfully completed within the established timeframe. Upon completion of the installation, the client was extremely satisfied with the result. They highlighted the quality of the provided structures, the efficiency of the installation service, and the quick removal of materials used in the process.

This project not only met the client’s expectations but also allowed Toptent to demonstrate its ability to offer innovative and adaptive solutions in challenging environments such as the Lo Valledor Wholesale Market. The positive experience of the client, who was previously unaware of the flexible structures solution offered by the company, underscores the added value we bring to clients through our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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